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On September 17th GA²LEN held a 1 day Allergy School on urticaria. The objectives of this school were to increase the knowledge and awareness of urticaria in the UAE and beyond. Prof. Ana Gimenez-Arnau from Barcelona as well as Prof. Torsten Zuberbier and Prof. Marcus Maurer , as the GA²LEN Faculty, provided a comprehensive teaching program that included tests, lectures, workshops and interactive discussions. The GA²LEN Faculty were be supported by regional experts Dr. Anwar Al Hammadi and Dr. Mona Al Ahmad. The GA²LEN Allergy School was held at the Dermatology Center of the Dubai Health Authority. Participants earned a diploma of excellence of knowledge, provided that they successfully complete the end of school examination. Some 40 dermatologists, allergists and other physicians who treat chronic urticaria patients registered for this meeting. For more information please contact the GA²LEN office in Berlin.