Accelerate the application of research results into clinical practice development

Promote training and greater integration between public and academic sectors

significantly contribute to developing better health care and improving the quality of life for allergy and asthma patients

GA²LEN was created to combat fragmentation in the European research area, ensuring excellence in EU allergy and asthma research by bringing together institutions and researchers from across the EU. The network notably put in place centralized structures and an office overseeing the multiple assets in knowledge in the different GA²LEN partners, enabling them to optimally synchronize their research efforts. Creating these structures has been complex since not only many technical, ethical and legal aspects had to be solved but also a whole new atmosphere of trust had to be created. In this endeavor; the network benefited greatly from the voluntary efforts of researchers who are strongly committed to this model of pan-European integration and collaboration.

Over 500 papers were produced by GA²LEN members. Amongst them, approximately 80 papers were published as GA²LEN position papers, practical guides, or “GA²LEN task force papers” with GA²LEN in the title. This impressive number is an indicator of how well the EU’s investment was rewarded: more than one paper per €70.000 is absolutely exceptional among EU projects.

However, most important is the international visibility that these publications lend GA²LEN, which is now recognized worldwide as the EU’s groundbreaking allergy organization.

GA²LEN’s vision is further reduce the burden of allergic diseases in Europe by improving the health of European Citizens with allergic diseases; increasing the competitiveness and boosting the innovative capacity of EU health-related industries and businesses; while addressing health issues including emerging allergies.