Sixth Framework Programme

The Sixth Framework Programme ran from 2004 until 2010. Research teams were chosen for their scientific excellence, their record on multidisciplinary working and international collaboration, and their educational activities. Since the launch of the Network, it has grown to include an additional 50 collaborating centres making GA²LEN one of the largest multidisciplinary networks of researchers in allergy and asthma worldwide.

A platform for researchers

GA²LEN provides an integrated platform for research in allergy and asthma with harmonized tools and methods in its centres. The network that has now centres in 20 countries can benefit from the European diversity for risk factors studies and prevention schemes. Pilot protocols for clinical studies in several GA²LEN centres have been tested, which could open the door to further public-private collaboration. The network aims at developing novel biomarkers, treatment and preventive strategies.

Guidelines and lifelong learning

GA²LEN promotes the development of a high-level, large scale international and multidisciplinary scientific community. Allergy schools, training sessions and e-learning support the clinical and research activities of junior scientists and health professionals. Scientists can use the GA²LEN communication platform and programmes for mobility and exchange.

For patients, public and policy makers

The prevalence of allergic diseases has been increasing in the European population over the last decades, most clearly in children. Allergic diseases are currently insufficiently diagnosed, suboptimally managed and generally undertreated. GA²LEN contributes to raising awareness on this public health problem and develops educational material for patients and the general public.

What we do

GA²LEN, the Global Allergy and Asthma European Network, brings together multidisciplinary research teams that address allergic diseases in their globality. Understanding common risk factors and mechanisms will contribute to improve treatment and quality of life for up to 150-200 million Europeans with allergies and asthma.

The GA²LEN research platform will endure after the period of EU financing. From 2009 on, the network will be self-sustainable and welcome research and education activities in allergy and asthma of European or international scale

Uniting all interested parties, partners, and collaboration centres in decreasing the burden of allergies across Europe.
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Looking for a publication?

Over 500 papers were produced by GA²LEN members – find them here.