ACARE was launched in late 2019, together with HAEi. Angioedema is a common and debilitating condition that can be a challenge for both patients and treating physicians, especially when recurrent. Centers of reference and excellence in angioedema (ACAREs) can help to improve the management of hard-to-treat conditions such as angioedema.


The ACARE network facilitates scientific projects and studies. ACARE also informs and educates medical professionals on angioedema through our websites and social media channels, our education programs for physicians (Power of Prophylaxis and Make a Difference webinar series and the INTERACT preceptorship program). ACAREs co-initiator and partner HAEi is a global non-profit network of patient associations dedicated to improving the lives of people with HAE. They provide their member organizations with specially designed tools and technical assistance that promote disease education and support activities addressing the unique needs of HAE patients and their families.