GA²LEN skin test study III: minimum battery of test inhalent allergens needed in epidemiological studies in patients

Publication | 2009

Bousquet PJ, Burbach G, Heinzerling LM, Edenharter G, Bachert C, Bindslev-Jensen C, Bonini S, Bousquet-Rouanet L, Demoly P, Bresciani M, Bruno A, Gjomarkaj M, Canonica GW, Darsow U, Durham S, Fokkens WJ, Giavi S, Gramiccioni C, Papadopoulos NG, Haahtela T, Kowalski ML,Magyar P, Muraközi G, Orosz M, Röhnelt C, Stingl G, Todo-Bom A, von Mutius E, Wiesner A, Wöhrl S, Bousquet J, Zuberbier T.Allergy. 2009 Nov;64(11):1656-62.

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