Publication | 2008


Experten erwarten für diesen Frühling besonders viele Birkenpollen – GA²LEN

Paracetamol erhöht Ashtma-Risiko um das Dreifache, Euroäische Studie bestätigt Zusammenhang zwischen allergie und Schmerzmitteleinnahme


Urtikaria: Ein Medikament für alle Formen der Erkrankung, Berliner Ärtzblatt, pp.26-27


Report on Allergy Schools: “GA²LEN/EAACI Summer School Recombinant Allergens: From Fundamental Aspects To Clinical Applications, Bischoffsheim, France”  + “GA²LEN/EAACI Allergy School St Catherine’s College, Oxford, UK” + PAPRICA Symposia in Lithuania + and Back cover ” “Committed to Integration and Sustainability”

Press conference, launch of the campaign “Does rhinitis lead to asthma?” in Belgium (FR and NL).

Link to GA²LEN website, Health-EU newsletter for World Asthma Day

Sport and asthma: GA²LEN researchers follow European Olympic athletes to Beijing – Articles by news agencies Reuters, AP, AFP, Lusa,

EU researchers to study asthma at Olympics, also included in EurActiv Science and Research

Sport and asthma: GA²LEN researchers follow European Olympic athletes to Beijing, Health-EU Portal, News

Asma: Estudo europeu vai avaliar prevalência em atletas apurados para Pequim 2008, Noticias Sapo

Beijing pollution no added risk for asthma athletes

EU researchers to assess rates of asthma among Olympic athletes, Cordis News

Scientists to study asthma among athletes

Sport and asthma: GA²LEN researchers follow European Olympic athletes to Beijing,;

EU researchers to assess rates of asthma among Olympic athletes.

Scientists propose creating unique identification codes for biobanks, Cordis News + EC website e-newsletter

Tracing biobanks: EU researchers propose identifying DNA collections as books

Allergy School series kick-off, Announcement of GA²LEN Allergy Schools, Cordis News, Cordis Events

Announcement of GA²LEN Allergy Schools on GABRIEL website

Essex Pharma industry press release on IDEAL/ GA²LEN Allergy School

Allergic rhinitis diagnosis and treatment: new guidelines for primary care professionals

  • WONCA Network website

New guidelines for handling hay fever, Cordis News

Atletas olímpicos em estudo sobre incidëncia da asma, Jornal de Norícias

GA²LEN Researchers Follow European Olympic Athletes To Beijing To Assess Diagnosis Rates Of Asthma And Allergies

GA²LEN researchers follow European Olympic Athletes to Beijing to assess diagnosis rates of asthma

Crise asmática ataca atletas de comtiva portuguesa, Jornal de Angola online

Link between paracetamol and asthma in European adults confirmed by GA²LEN study

Study links paracetamol use to asthma, Boehringer Ingelheim Industry news webpage

Regular paracetamol use ups asthma risks,
Paracetamol linked to asthma,
Paracetamol and asthma,
Paracetamol, Asthma Link,
Paracetamol usage can lead to asthma: Study,
Taking paracetamol regularly ‘triples risk of asthma’, Dods Paracetamol en astma: oorzak – gevolg,

Taking paracetamol regularly ‘triples risk of asthma’, Daily Mail (Mail Online,

Paracetamol given to babies is linked to global rise in asthma, The Independent, p. 8

Regular acetaminophen use Triples Asthma Risk,

Interview with Prof. Shaheen, GMTV radio, following press release on paracetamol use and asthma

Erhöhtes Asthmarisiko durch Paracetamol, FAZ, p. 1

Researchers link asthma with paracetamol, Nursing

More Europeans Likely To Suffer From Ragweed Allergy in English, and French

Science for Environment Policy’, Issue 150: a service from the European Commission, DG Environment Common invasive weed brings hay-fever allergies to Europe


Asthme et allergies, le paracétamol en cause, Le Nouvel Observateur, Sciences et Avenir

Asthme – Des traitements à éviter chez les nouveau-nés, France-Soir, n°19910, page 9

Campagne européene “de la rhinite à l’asthme”: Pensez-vous être à l’abri des allergies? – Announcement of GA²LEN Symposium in Brussels on 26 April 2008, Le Journal du Médecin, 18 March 2008, p.8

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